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4 Oct 2013


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Weʼve all met her, sheʼs that bitch that resides in your head and constantly tells you your not good enough!

Until starting yoga I never realised the true impact our minds play in our overall wellbeing, nor did i realise how mean my inner bully could be…sheʼs a real bitch! Yoga has taught me to differentiate your mind and spirit and that those negative thoughts and voices you hear are not YOUR limiting beliefs but those shaped by everything around you. Ever wondered who talks back to that bitch when sheʼs telling you your not good enough, you know the one trying to defend you or reason…YES THATS YOU! If your mind and limiting beliefs are so easily influenced by your social circle, the media and family then they are just as easy to change.

“The mind is everything, what you think you become.” – Buddha’

It is through practices such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness or doing something you love that the mind is silenced and we have a sense of inner peace. For some of you you may get this through exercise, surfing, snowboarding, dancing or some other activity where you are completely in the moment and not distracted by thoughts of your to do list, finances, health or other lifestyle stresses.

The mind is what drives fear and limiting beliefs, both can be absolutely crippling. Our beliefs are shaped and influenced by things we see and hear around us. Constant repetition of other peoples negative beliefs can start to shape our inner bully.

Through your breath and becoming aware of the difference between your mind and spirit we can learn to completely let go. The more we practice to silence the mind and not hold on to these limiting beliefs and attitudes, the more effectively we can start to turn our bully into our bestie. Learn to kick that bitch to the curb and let self-love, appreciation and motivation take over!

Trust me once you can disconnect from that bitch its much easier to tell her to BEAT IT!

I want to challenge you all to try something new this week. Either a yoga class, meditation, swimming in the ocean, surfing, dancing or walking in nature and really taking notice of what is around you the sounds, the smells and the wildlife. If your not ready to leave the comfort of your own home to try something new jump online and for free you can access a guided yoga or meditation class. Go… google it and even if its for 5 minutes try and let go and disconnect from that constant chatter in your head!



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