10 Sep 2014


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Have you ever noticed that a song can totally change your mood?

Ever since first hearing this song it instantly created a feeling of appreciation. I absolutely love music..all kinds hip hop, indy rock and yes sometimes even your cheesey mainstream pop! This song made me remember how much music used to play a massive part in my life and I miss it! Going to festivals, concerts and seeing bands regularly but also just always having it playing at home, in the car or in the office.

I remember when I quit my job and went overseas the girls in the office would write to me and constantly tell me they missed the music in their lives… that was ME!

I was always the one singing some stupid song around the office and dancing up the hallway, just because it made me happy and was my way to get us through the work day with a smile.

Fast forward and I’m now lucky to even have time to turn the radio on in my car between meetings and conference calls. Music can instantly change your mood and I have recently realised I had let the music in my life fade out.

I have realised it was one of my biggest stress relief methods and somehow I had forgotten that! If I’m having a shitty day or just feeling blah I come home and turn the music up and just enjoy those favourite songs that can instantly lift your mood! The ones that make you sing and dance even when people are watching because they ignite your soul!

Make a playlist this week of your old and new favourites and get back to listening to music as a way to reconnect IN2U.



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List your favourite songs below so I can add them to my playlist!


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