Customer Care

Yoga mats and blocks

Your yoga mat and block are made from natural materials so please do not use harsh chemicals to clean your mat.

As the fibres are light in colour be sure to exercise clean hygiene when using your mat to limit any stains, always use your yoga products on hard, clean, flat surfaces to avoid injury.

Avoid using jewellery whilst practising as they can damage and cut into the fibre of your mat.

To clean use warm, natural soapy water to gentle wipe your mat or block. Alternative you can clean with a combination of warm water, lemon and few drops of tea tree oil. This will ensure your mat stays fresh and hygienic.

To dry after cleaning leave flat to dry naturally. Avoid laying your mat in direct sunlight for long periods. Do not fold or crease your mat roll up and always store rolled or hanging over a flat surface.

Woven Bags

Your bags are made from natural grass and tree fibres and are carefully hand made. Some will include coconut shell detail and/or straps made from cotton. If for any reason your bag becomes soiled just gently wipe with natural soapy water and a damp cloth. Do not use any harsh chemicals on your bag.

To dry leave laying on a flat surface or hanging by its handle in the shade to dry naturally.

Do not put your bag in the washing machine or dryer this will completely destroy the natural fibres.

If the natural fibre becomes stained by a substance try using lemon juice and short stints in the sun to naturally bleach the fibres back to their original state.