What makes in2u retreats different?

IN2U is dedicated to being different. What we offer is a total lifestyle change, every activity, workshop and coaching session is designed to set you up for long-term success and lifestyle improvements. We are not a dedicated yoga, detox, juicing, fasting, fitness or surfing retreat for the simple reason that taking you away on a week and shocking your body into 4 hours of bootcamp or a drastic change in diet is not a healthy approach to long-term lifestyle changes and success.
Our coaches are passionate about holistic healthy weight-loss and lifestyle changes to ensure they are sustainable long-term. Many of our clients have experienced difficulties in improving their lives in different areas until meeting and experiencing our coaches and their integrative approach.
We ensure we look at all factors of lifestyle including stress, sleep, nutrition, movement, relationships and spirituality to see what areas we can improve on to have you feeling and looking amazing.
We are 100% dedicated to helping you create a body and life you love! As our owner has lived in both Bali and Australia for extended periods as well as Central America she has ensured that you have the best coaches in the business. All our staff are paid and are not holiday volunteers, for this reason our retreats offer exceptional quality like no other.

Can I go by myself?

Absolutely! Many of our guests are solo travellers. it’s a great way to meet new people, form new friendships and enable you to truly reconnect to your body, mind and soul.

Do I have to be good at any particular sport or activity?

All our activities are optional and cater for all levels. If you feel something is beyond your ability you have the choice to sit out. Our coaches will spend more 1 on 1 time with you if you are new to an activity. They are there to help and guide you through any challenges you face whilst on retreat.

If I come alone, can I share a room?

Yes absolutely, put through your request to us via email and we can partner you with a suitable same sex solo traveller.

Why only women for your ultimate transformation and nourish and renew retreats?

Our Ultimate Transformation and Nourish and renew retreats are designed by women for women and in particular to focus on the stresses and challenges women face in their lives and specific ways to combat these to create a body and life they love. Although we would love to cater to both sexes for these retreats, currently we only have capacity to focus on the female packages. Men are more than welcome on our adventure health retreats and these are designed for men and women to enjoy and get the most out of our program.

Do I need to be fit and healthy?

IN2U is all about assisting people to improve their bodies and lives through realistic nutrition, movement and lifestyle changes. We cater to all ages and all levels and everything on the schedule is optional. You do not need to be of any fitness level to attend our retreats or have your nutrition and healthy lifestyle all figured out. Most of our guests come to us to assist them with kick-starting a healthier and happier life.

Where in bali are your retreats?

IN2U retreats use two locations in bali currently and will always specify which location your retreat is on. You will always fly into Denpasar airport which is approximately 1 hour from both locations Canggu and Padang Padang. We will send you any relevant information and a local map. If you would like to experience any particular cultural experiences everything is very accessible and we can arrange a driver to take you in your spare time anywhere you wish to go in Bali at a small additional cost.

What do I bring?

Clothes suitable to the climate and time of year you are travelling please ask us at the time of booking or research the season you are travelling in.
Suitable clothing for exercise, yoga and day wear. Evening smart casual attire we do venture out at night so you can experience the local area and cultures. Sports shoes, thongs and flats. Typically footwear you are comfortable in. Swimwear suitable for SUP yoga, surfing and swimming.
Suncream, deodorant and toiletries can be more expensive in Bali so it’s ideal to bring these with you. One beach towel for excursions and a sarong is great to have. A hat suitable for exercising, walks and other activities.
Try and leave your technology at home, we know its tempting to bring the tablet, laptop and smart phones but we really encourage you to switch of and reconnect over your retreat, only bring if absolutely necessary. Camera to capture your amazing holiday moments, although we have photographers on hand that will take snaps of you if you wish.

Will I need to bring extra money?

If you wish to drink alcohol, shop or do additional activities outside of the schedule you will require additional money. Most things in bali are very reasonably priced, if you have something in mind that you would like to do and want to know how much to budget just ask our team.