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28 Aug 2017


About six years ago I quit my corporate career to go travelling. I ended up spending a year travelling and living in Central America and then finished with six weeks in Europe. This was the most incredible year of my life, as travelling often is for most people.

It allowed me the space to remove all the stress from my life, meet amazing new people, focus on the things that ignited my passions and learn so many things about myself and what I wanted in life.

What differentiated this trip from the others? It was the first time in my life I had asked myself what my true passions were and what it was that truly made me happy. It wasn’t my six figure income, my fancy car or my career title.

It was all those things that I had given up in order to have the three things I listed above. I had given up my passion for surfing, travel and helping people. Back in my Sydney lifestyle as a high rolling senior exec I wasn’t doing any of these things, not the way I wanted to anyway. Sure I travelled for work, I helped my teams of employees achieve amazing results, I supported them and I am really proud of what I achieved but it wasn’t making me happy and when one thing is out of alignment in your life everything else seems to follow like a domino effect.

My last domino had fallen, I was sick, really sick. The doctors gave me an ultimatum. Quit your job or kill yourself trying to maintain this lifestyle.

Living in Central America truly opened my eyes to so many things:

–       The poorest of people truly are the happiest

–       They are grateful even for the smallest things

–       They keep their lives simple and their stress is small because of it

–       They are so in tune with their bodies and the environment

–       They work to live they don’t live to work

Mahatma Ghandi said, “It is health that is real wealth, not pieces of gold and silver”.

Yet I am now living back in Sydney after spending the last two years living in Bali and I watch people chase materialism and put this above and beyond their health. They prioritise new cars over gym memberships, new clothes over healthy food, nights out drinking alcohol and taking drugs over doing the things that really ignite their fire.

I designed in2urlife wellness retreats to help people. Help them discover what it took me one year travelling to learn about myself. In 7 days we take you on a journey of learning about your body, forgetting all the bullshit health fads and mixed information and truly connecting back to your body and how to regain your happiness. Now when I hear people say, “oh the retreats are expensive” I don’t argue because if their mindset is still justifying hundreds of dollars wasted each week on materialistic things and they aren’t ready to prioritise their health, then they are not yet in the right frame of mind to attend one.

This 7 day experience is the most important thing in my life. It is not work it is my passion.

I am not exaggerating when I say this 7 day trip has changed peoples lives. People have returned from these trips to quit their jobs, remove themselves from toxic relationships, start businesses, go back to uni, change careers, reignite passion in their marriage, transform their outlook on life and to do things personally and professionally they had been terrified to do for months or years.

The thing about your health and your happiness is that it should be the most important thing in your life. Is it in yours?

Comment below and let us know what things you may be prioritising over your health and how you are going to take steps to change that! I will offer free health and lifestyle coaching advice in response to any of your questions, to get you started to a healthier, happier you. If this post helped you please share with friends and family.

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