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26 Nov 2018


We all struggle at the office with the temptations of a free cookie jar, the morning tea cakes or the boardroom dessert plate. You are most definitely not alone.

Even those of us that don’t eat sugar regularly and are deemed healthy still sway when the temptation of sugar is placed under our noses…but why? And most importantly how do we grow super-power strength to avoid the temptation?

First of all, it’s not a matter of weakness, having a sweet tooth or being unhealthy. Sugar is addictive and when we are lacking energy, like at 3pm when your brain feels fried and you have the option of sugar or falling asleep at your desk, then it makes sense that every cell in your body is screaming “eat the damn cake”. Your body is telling you it needs energy, not sugar, energy.

When I said you’re not alone I meant it.

We ALL struggle with this, so what differentiates the ones that politely say no without a fuss and walk away vs those of us who painfully struggle with the idea and then cave or those who just can’t even be bothered with the internal fight and jump at the chance for a sweet treat?

It’s not willpower, it’s not a diet and it’s certainly not a superpower.

It’s organisation and listening to your body.

Now bear with me and read this to the end because I will explain the simple science behind how you can beat your cravings and overcome the 3pm slump, in a simple and effective way.

First of all what differentiates those with a healthy diet vs those without is organisation. It takes dedication – approx. 2 hours per week twice a week to spend shopping, food prepping and organising your weekly meals.

I don’t mean you have to meal prep and refrigerate 40 meals for the week like a body builder going into competition. What I mean is sitting down and writing down some healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipe ideas, shopping and meal prepping 1-3 days at a time.

If you are time poor I advise you read our blog how to meal prep like a pro to see how easy it is to get organised and make this stress-free.

By making healthy, nutritious meals for all three main meals of the day and throwing in a healthy small snack for mid-morning on the run and mid-afternoon I guarantee you, you won’t be tempted by the sweet treats anymore. Why?

Because you will be giving your body the energy and nutrients it needs so at first by habit you may look at the sweets and think omg I have to have one but within a week you will notice a drastic change in the way you feel at 3pm and even better every cell in your body wont be screaming “eat the damn cake”, it will be screaming “no we don’t need that”.

If you’re currently rolling your eyes thinking yeah whatever I don’t have time for this or I’m not giving up my office freebies then that’s ok but something attracted you to this post and I’d say it’s because you know you eat way too much of those little treaties and maybe just maybe it’s become a daily habit that you should really reign in.

It really isn’t hard to get organised, I’m sure you’re organised for work and the kids and your other commitments during the week, so why would your health be less of a priority?

Here’s a link to an amazing healthy cherry ripe slice or choc mint slice as a healthy alternative to a sweet treat for the lunch box. Enjoy.

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