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21 Jun 2016


Sometimes there are days where we just wish we could hit a reset button on our life, and our bodies. There will be those days, where our energy is lacking, and we will need a pick me up 10 minutes into the beginning of the day, just to keep ourselves going.

Those days are always going to be around, and are unavoidable for the most part. There are also many different factors which could contribute to the feeling of tiredness, and lethargy. But, there are some simple tricks which can help reenergise the body, and give us a little extra boost to help get us through the day.

  1. Breathe! Our breath is energy for the body. Every time we take an inhale, we breathe in energy for the body. This energy helps repair damage, and increase our awareness and energy. Stress can also cause the body to constrict, decreasing the airways to let fresh air into the body. When you feel your energy start to lack or overcome with stress, try taking a strep back to sit, and just breath. Breath in fresh, pure air. Try brining long inhalations through the nose, and closing exhaling through the mouth for a few rounds. This can help stabilise blood pressure, and start to balance the internal physiology of the body to increase focus and awareness.
  1. Move your body! So many days we get suck sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day, which can deplete our energy. Get up from your desk, or office and go for a walk. Even if it is just around the office building, get away from the computer, and get your muscles moving. As the body starts to move, and muscles begin to contract, we encourage blood circulation throughout the body. Blood circulation is vital in bringing in fresh oxygen and nutrients to wake up the body.
  1. Drink a glass of water. Most people are chronically dehydrated, and low energy is a major sign of dehydration. Dehydration causes the cells in our body to shrivel up, and not work as effectively as they should. Dehydration can also cause brain function to decrease drastically, along with this overall feeling of tiredness. Think of it as watering a wilting plant, if you are feeling lethargic, and lacking focus in your daily tasks you body is wilting away due to dehydration. Try drinking a glass of water, and you will notice your body perks up just like the wilting plant.
  1. Eat a snack. Lethargic feelings can sometimes be due to lack of stabilisation in the blood sugar levels. We all know those days where we are so busy we forget to eat a quality meal. Try keeping healthy snacks around the work place, that are both nutritious and filling. Snacks should include both protein, and carbohydrates which will provide glucose for the blood, and the feeling of fullness. Snack ideas could include, boiled egg with avocado, celery with nut butter, or trail mix.

We’ve all felt that feeling right around mid day between noon and 2pm, where our bodies just want to shut down. Low energy is a common problem among everyone, and is experienced on a daily basis. Sometimes it can be associated with chronic physiological problems such as dehydration, or low blood sugar, which can be easily fixed with water, and a healthy snack. However, through the use of multiple techniques, the dazed and confused feeling which overcomes our bodies right around mid day can be easily fixed within 15 minutes through a few tricks to help the body feel awake, and reenergised.

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