How to Move More
12 May 2015


We all know exercise is important but we are all so busy we struggle to fit it into our everyday lives!

Let’s be honest it’s last on the priority list when your busy but the benefits are amazing so I am going to help you figure out ways to incorporate it into your day EVERYDAY without having to think about it, schedule it or dread it.


  1. Walk more this sounds so obvious but really it’s so simple. Do you live 5 minutes away from the shops? How long since you have walked there instead of drive?

I realised when I was living back on the northern beaches of Sydney that I barely walked anywhere unless it was scheduled exercise walking. What happened to walking to breakfast, dinner or lunch or walking down to the local grocery store to grab something? We are just on auto-pilot most of the time to jump into the car and get from A to B as quickly as possible. This week I want you to challenge yourself to walk somewhere that isn’t scheduled exercise this means you don’t have to get in your lulu lemon tights and nikes to get there just leave the house or office and walk somewhere to do what you need to do if it is under 5km away you can walk there…NO EXCUSES!

  1. What activities did you love doing as a kid that you have stopped?

It could be swimming, playing netball, surfing, dancing, tennis or riding your bike. Anything what activities kept you outside and active as a kid and loving life? For me this was the moment I realised as I was getting older I was slowly letting go of all the activities I used to do and have so much fun doing. I was surfing and wake boarding less, I never got on my bicycle anymore because I had a car. I wasn’t going out dancing like I used to, so it kind of makes sense that as you get older you naturally start to hold more weight and find it harder to get rid of because slowly each year we become less active without even realising it. Living on the beaches I was watching boys who used to live to surf and be in the water everyday have their surfboards in the garage collecting dust because they were too “busy” with life. Let’s face it having fun and enjoying your time is life so let’s reconnect with all those things we love and actively do more of them this year! What old activity will you reactivate in your life this week?

  1. Schedule time spent with friends around activities NOT food!

This is a huge one and it’s a worldwide phenomenon, we now revolve our entire social calendars around eating and drinking. Now this can be really nice catching up with friends over a nice dinner or breakfast and I agree we have to eat, but when was the last time you scheduled time with friends to do activities and get outside together rather than sitting down to a meal or beer/wine? Even living in Bali where life is surrounded by hustle and bustle and people outdoors I still have friends complaining that their social calendars revolve around food. Yet when I have asked them to ditch or breakfast catch ups for a walk all I get back is tumbleweeds. Change your social calendar and swap some restaurant catch ups for some bush or beach walks. Not only will you get quality time with friends uninterrupted by the hustle of cafes and restaurants, you will also be getting the benefits of being reconnected with mother nature and incorporating more exercise into your life without even noticing. I don’t think I have ever gone for a walk and regretted it, however many times I have laid in a food coma after a friendly catch up at the local cafe.

Over the last year I have changed my attitude towards movement and am not just focused on it for the weight loss or fitness benefits but rather the enjoyment I get out of it. I let go of the expectations and got back to the core of why I loved these things! I have now reconnected with my love for the gym not to lose weight but just because I actually do enjoy my time there when I go. I now go for walks when I feel like getting outside rather than trying to schedule a daily gruelling hour long walk/run. When you lift the expectations and schedule the enjoyment will return.

Step outside your comfort zone and start being more ACTIVE. If your single it will also get you out of the house meeting new people without having to go to the local pub or club. Most people I know met their partners doing something they love so if you need another incentive, there it is!

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