How to Overcome Fear
17 Mar 2015


Have you ever been so scared of doing something you decided against it?!

Well I know you all answered yes to that, silly question right?

But exactly how much is fear holding you back in your life?

“As most of you know I’ve made some pretty ballsy choices recently and absolutely turned my old life upside down to create the one I always dreamed of.”

Some of you may have been watching thinking wow she’s so brave, she’s so confident, she’s a real doer. REALITY CHECK! No I’m not. I’m exactly like you, I had dreamed of doing something different for years, for me that was throwing in corporate and doing what I loved everyday.

I was terrified! I tried it once and went back, why would it be different a second time? Because this time I set myself up for success. This time I’m choosing love over fear. The way I looked at it in the end was what’s more scary not trying something and failing or never trying it and either regretting that or always wondering what if?

For me the what ifs eat away at my heart and soul so I knew I had to take the leap, if there’s something you just cant stop thinking about (yes even the latest alexander wang bag) stand up and GO GET IT! What are you waiting for? Seriously. More time to pass, more wondering, more moments of sitting dreaming about how different you would feel if you had what you dreamed of everyday. Let me tell you something only one person can make it happen for you and that’s YOU! And I guarantee (id even give your money back if I was charging you for this) that you can do it, you’re capable of anything you put your mind to. Don’t let family, friends, acquaintances or the media tell you otherwise.


1. Write down what’s the absolute worst case scenario of this (dream) not working out for you? (I used this technique to overcome a fear this morning…going on a blind surfing date, it works trust me it will instantly calm you down and help rationalise ANY situation.)

2. Now write down what you would do if that were to happen, how would you keep going, keep living?

3. Write down the first 5 steps you would need to take to make it happen, make these small achievable steps the first most 5 simple things you could do to get yourself what you want…remember baby steps!

4. Now cross the last 4 off and focus on one step at a time and go and do step 1, with all your heart and soul go do your absolute best at achieving step 1. It might be sending an email, making a call, having a conversation, whatever it is go do it.

5. If step 1 worked, follow on and repeat step 3 & 4. Continue to do so until you get what you want. It really is THAT SIMPLE!

Fear is natural, being scared is human nature it warns us that there’s danger and yes this is a good thing. You must live with danger because if you didn’t it would mean you weren’t taking any risks, you weren’t growing, you weren’t learning and you weren’t going places. Together lets go places!

Share your fears below and lets commit to taking small steps to overcome our fears and live the life we have always wanted. I will also offer free health and lifestyle coaching advice in response to your questions, to get you kick started in creating a life you love.

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