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2 Feb 2016


Goals of reaching a particular income level, affording new material things, losing two or ten kilos, having a smaller bum, bigger boobs or faster car are NOT health or heart based. This year we challenge you to tear up your list of goals and start again. Truly reconnect with what actually makes you happy.

Do you think losing ten kilos will make you blissfully happy? I doubt it, otherwise we would have a lot less cases of depression and anxiety if everyone who wasn’t overweight was blissfully happy.

The same goes for money and material things. Sure these will all provide us short term happiness and I am sure you will have complete job satisfaction when you get that 10K pay-rise… for about a week.

Health and heart based goals will ensure you have more motivation to succeed because ongoing success comes from satisfaction and these are the types of goals that give you sustainable happiness and satisfaction once you reach them. Below we have listed just a few to get you started:

– Eat healthy nutritious, nourishing whole foods that leave my body feeling good and energised
– Move everyday for a minimum of 20 minutes to get the endorphins flowing, improve mood and mindset
– Commit to 20 minutes per day self-care
– Spend more time with people that make me feel good about myself
– Meet 3 new people who support my goals and interests
– Tell my friends and family I love them more often

You can see how these goals are more positive and heart and health centred, allowing you to truly connect to the reason behind what will make you happy rather than a number on a scale or an amount of money.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

– Charles Spurgeon

Have you ever noticed why the more emphasis you put on losing weight can sometimes have the reverse effect and actually make you gain weight? Typically this is because your goal and mindset is focused on the negative i.e. what you have to cut out of your diet, how much exercise you need to squeeze into your busy schedule.

It makes perfect sense that a negative mindset and goal has a negative outcome.

The second I focused on improving my health rather than losing weight and doing more of what I actually enjoyed rather than what training I thought would get me the most fat loss, things started to shift. My mood, my weight and my mindset. I was happier, healthier and actually enjoying the nutritious meals I put in my body and the exercise I was incorporating each week.

I still crave, I still eat chocolate, I still have days when I can’t be bothered. This is normal. As long as you’re seeing an improvement in your overall health, weight and happiness then that means your achieving your goals. Don’t base achieving your goals on a $ figure or number on a scale, where has that got you this far?

Share your number one goal below and let us know what it was and what you may have changed it to in order to make it a more heart and health centred goal. Let’s make this year about achieving your goals and being successful!

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