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29 Aug 2017


Tell Us a Bit About Yourself and Your Business?

Where do I start?!

I have battled with my own health and fitness for years, working long hours as an air hostess
followed by working various corporate jobs and always feeling fatigued and failing to achieve
my goals. I was always lean and fit as a child but as I got older and my body changed I
developed an eating disorder, once I recovered from this I moved my controlling behaviors to
excessive cardio to control my calorie intake, and after along road I finally got myself to
where I am now happy and truly healthy and living out my passion every day as a personal

My journey is what inspired me to create my business Female Fitness Method so I
could educate, inspire and empower women with the knowledge and belief that they can live
better lives and they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I have.
My passion is to teach women how to be the best version of themselves – not necessarily the
fittest, best looking, leanest, hardest working, most controlled or most disciplined, but the best
version of them – doing what is right for them not for anyone else.

Female Fitness Method is about incorporating your lifestyle, training, nutrition and most
importantly mindset to maximise your results whether it be health, wellness, fat loss or fitness.

Was this always your passion?

Yes and no. I have always been fascinated with how women perceive themselves and their
bodies in todays society and studied it as my specialist subject at school. But until I had been
on this journey myself I couldn’t be passionate about what I didn’t know!

There was a long time when I thought a perfect body equalled a perfect life, success and money. I didn’t have this message to tell because I was battling my own body image and self esteem demons.
But for the past 5 years I have lived and breathed it every day.

What Has Been The Lowest Point on Your Journey So Far?

I was at my lowest at the peak of my eating disorder weighing around 42 kg’s when my
boyfriend at the time almost left me after I screamed at him for hiding the scales from me one
morning. That was a big wake up call.

What Has Been The Highest?

Landing my dream job at Clean Health gym in Sydney. The elite of the elite in the fitness
industry worked or trained there at the time and I made it my goal to one day be educated
enough to work there. I achieved it within 12 months of becoming certified as a Personal
Trainer after attending every seminar, workshop and educational event I could to achieve my

And How Quickly Did One Come After The Other?

About 18 months – 2 years from what I can remember. But the whole journey from recovering
from my eating disorder to becoming qualified as a Personal Trainer was probably about 3

Who Is Your Biggest Inspiration for life, health, fashion, fitness, you
name it?

I can’t name just one person as I like to take inspiration from everyone around me. I love my
girls on social media who I can look to for support and inspiration although I we have never
met, I look up to people I work with in the gym for their experience and knowledge, but I also
get a lot of inspiration from my clients and members of the gym who all have amazing stories
to tell and battles they overcome every day.

What Advice would you give to our readers if you were to offer your top 5 lifestyle tips?

Ohh I love this question!

1. Drink Water!
Lots of it! When I ask my clients how much water they drink a day a lot of them will
say ‘enough’ only to find out its only about 1 litre a day! It’s dependant on bodyweight,
exercise, climate etc but on average you should be drinking about 3 – 4 lts a day to
stay hydrated. If you are feeling thirsty you are already very dehydrated!

2. Get your 7 – 8 hours sleep a night
Sleep is so important! It’s when we repair and recover from the day both mentally and
physically. Losing a couple of hours sleep a night, every night can have long term
effects to your health as well as inhibiting fat loss and health in the short term. It has
been drilled into us that ‘sleeping is for the weak’ and ‘sleep is for the dead’ but
nothing could be further from the truth.

3. Do a daily affirmation
They are known to have the ability to rewire our subconscious, which in turn will
affect our behaviours actions and habits.

4. Move Every Day
Whether it’s a walk outside at lunchtime, a stretch in the evening before bed or
heading to the gym. Our bodies were designed to move and it can do so much for our
mental health let alone physical.

5. Avoid packaged and processed foods.
Its a simple thing but often overlooked. If it’s something which could sit in your pantry
for 6 months without going off the chances are it not going to be that good for you!
Choose one ingredient fresh foods for a simple way to improve your diet without
having to trawl through the nutrition label to figure it out.

What is your favourite moto to live by?

You only live once. Better make the most of it.

What does a day in your life look like?

I love routine so pretty boring to some but I thrive on it!

I get up around 4am every day for work. I generally have sessions from 6 – 9am, then train
myself mid morning until lunchtime. I’ll then train a few more of my clients and depending on
my day will head home late afternoon to work on my online business and education.

I am an early riser and generally go the bed around 8.30 – 9pm! Its rare even on a weekend
you would see me up until 10pm.

What does a day on your plate look like?

I love to eat and can get hangry if I don’t eat every few hours! Again I am very routine and my
meals are always similar. I food prep twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays where I
batch cook all my food.

I eat my first meal within 90 minutes of waking which will either be steak and nuts, eggs and
avocado or some form of protein and fat.

I’ll then have a coffee (long black only – I try not to consume diary or gluten) around 6am
followed by my second breakfast similar to my first usually chicken, pesto and steamed

After I’ve trained I will have a protein shake followed by my lunch, usually a protein like
chicken or lamb, vegetables and a massive serving of sweet potato.

Mid Afternoon would be similar to my meal one or two.

Dinner would be similar to my post workout meal around 6.30pm.
I drink about 4 lts of water a day and other than coffee and my protein shake this would be
the only liquid I consume.

I’m not a robot, I love food and I will have sweet treats such as pancakes, protein balls and
chocolate when I feel like it. I try not to feed my sweet tooth as I know how out of control it
can get, but I also don’t deny myself any foods. I did this for many years and want to avoid
any binge tendencies I once had.

Do you take any supplements to stay healthy, an if so what are they and
why do you take them?

Yes but I only take them to improve my health. I am against fat burners or fat loss aids and
don’t use them for me or my clients. My staples are:

Multivitamin once a day (morning): To ensure my body is getting all the nutrients it needs
throughout the day.

Probiotic once a day (evening): To help with digestion and any gut issues that can arise
from stress, inflammatory foods etc.

Magnesium (Post Training and Evening): The 4th most abundant mineral in our body and a
common deficiency in our western diet due to farming, stress and poor digestive health. It
promotes recovery, sleep, lessens fatigue and helps fight muscle cramps.

What will we see you doing over the next 12 months?

My goal is to inspire, motivate and educate as many women as I can so they can make better
choices for themselves. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with IN2URLIFE to spread
my message and will also be developing my website to provide an online platform for my
clients and e-course.

You can check out Kylies website here for her personal training services in Sydney and join her on retreat with us in 2018! Photography by Lyndon Marceau / marceauphotography

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