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29 May 2018


Tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

My name is Quinn and I’m originally born in Claremont California and now reside in Bali, Indonesia as a full time yoga teacher and bodyworker.  I specialise in Ashtanga yoga in the Mysore self-practice method, learnt directly from the source in Mysore, India.  I teach yoga privately to the needs of the student whether it be physical or mental ailments of the body, mind or energetic layers of the body.

Was this always your passion?

I’ve had a passion for movement since playing futbol as a young child and into my teenage years eventually playing at a competitive level in the Olympic Development Program and Regionals for Northeast United States.  After my futbol career, I played percussion in a few music groups in my early teens for many years which helped me to grasp strong motor skills at a young age.  Never ceasing to be active, I was also a long time runner and I did the occasional cross fit, gymnastics and power lifting until I found yoga in my late teenage years.  Since then, I’ve used yoga as a tool to aid in self-healing and now, others around me in all aspects of life.   My passion for sharing my experience of yoga is a true gift and I am grateful to be able to transmit this knowledge in its purest form.

What has been the highest?And how quickly did one come after the other?

The lowest part of my journey has also been the highest.  It is always in major points of transition where emotions and feelings are noticed the most.  Over the last five years I have made huge transitions in my life.  During the five years I attended University, I was working for SAP, a German software corporate company.  I found myself climbing the typical corporate ladder until something clicked, when I thought I had it all; my dream car, a nice house situated by school with my oldest brother, a girlfriend, nice clothes, the latest technology gadgets etc…  Although deep down inside there was this emptiness. I was working all day Monday through Friday for a corporate job I wasn’t passionate about.  I was spending all the money I earned on these nice things without thoroughly being able to enjoy them like I thought I’d be able too.  I was lacking adventure and creativity.  I was missing the artist within.

I gave SAP 6 months’ notice of leave and booked an around the world ticket through Europe and Asia.  The decision to leave corporate was the best decision I could have ever made but I am also grateful for what I learnt during that time.  I was giving up financial security, comfort, and knowing the known.  Without corporate, I wouldn’t know what life has to truly offer on the other side.  I’d have to say the ultimate low in life was when I first began traveling, leaving my loved ones behind to travel for four months into the unknown.  For anyone who doesn’t know the culture of US, there aren’t many of us who actually travel or backpack, it’s called vacations.  So this is not typical of a college graduate to take a gap year to explore the world.

Wow, was I lonely during my travels.  I felt as if I was a young baby still growing into my skin.  Immersing myself into these cultures, languages, religions, and far distant lands made me realise how much I was isolated and kept at bay due to societal norms of the US.  With these all-time lows of loneliness, I noticed growth and I began the exploration of discovering myself.  The magic worked when I left everything behind and took that leap of faith into the unknown.  It’s been five years since I have left home, and now I am living in Bali, helping people to take that leap of faith to discover themselves.   This high hasn’t stopped and I don’t see it fading anytime soon because I’ve turned my dreams into a living reality.

Who is your biggest inspiration for life, health, fashion, fitness, you
name it?

My biggest inspiration in life is simply to serve others and help them reach a state of clarity and mindfulness through skill in action. I sincerely believe in preaching what you practice.  If one cannot live by their values in which they have been taught, learned or experienced,  then the structure needs to be built and supported to create a stronger more stable foundation.  A healthy state of body, mind and energy levels has always been very important to me.  Health is about finding the state of balance through daily food intake, a practice that grounds you and connects you to yourself, supportive relationships, and quality sleep.   With these four elements in balance, one can find equanimity and harmony of the body, mind and spirit which will in no doubt, project the same in the external world.

What advice would you give to our readers if you were to offer your top 5 lifestyle tips?

Be gentle with yourself.

Move slower with more awareness.

Develop a Yoga practice that grounds you and takes you out of your head and into your body.

Consciously choose what foods you eat,

And rest well.

What is your favourite motto to live by?

Every tree in the forest has the same goal… to reach toward the light.  One tree’s method is not better than the other.  Each species has its own characteristics which enable it to grow to its greatest potential.  The various yogic systems are unique, yet all have the same purpose.   One motto that I like to live by in such a fast paced world…“The slowest growing tree, is the strongest growing tree”.

What does a day in your life look like?

I usually sleep around 8 or 9pm and wake up to the roosters of my neighbors around 4:15am in a small village in Dalung, Bali.  I do not use an alarm clock; my mind just wakes at this time.  I shower, drink a cup of warm water with lime and scooter to Samadi Bali in Canggu.  It is usually my two teachers Damien, Andrea practicing during this time.  We all practice completely in the dark until the sunrises and the light has fully reached the shala around 6:45am.  Students begin to arrive and we guide our students through their Mysore self-practice until around 10am.   After teaching I usually spend some time talking and drinking a coconut with the community of Samadi.  I’ll eat a light breakfast, usually consisting of fruits and granola between 11am-12pm. I typically teach a private or an afternoon class early afternoon or during days when I’m not teaching I surf, relax with friends, or explore Bali by scooter. I enjoy cooking at home and being a homebody.  I usually spend the nights in my home where lately I’ve been doing lots of reading, writing and research for specific ailments of the body.  I enjoy the simple life and taking things slowly, one step at a time.

What does a day on your plate look like?

My breakfast will usually be high in fibres and sugars from fresh fruits and quality granola.  I am a salad lover, my lunches and dinners are usually salads with a mix of plant proteins.  I like to keep things light and nutritious.  Usually I snack on a juice or smoothie once throughout the day usually between lunch and dinner.  I have a habit of eating quite a lot of food quickly at one sitting so it’s a daily practice to slow down and eat more consciously without filling my stomach to fullness.  My goal during meals is to eat up to half stomach, leave one quarter for liquids and the last quarter empty.  Although this is a real challenge for me.

Do you take any supplements to stay healthy, an if so what are they and
why do you take them?

The only supplements I take on a daily basis is a multivitamin.  I do this because I exert a lot of physical energy throughout the day which involves the release of toxins through the sweat glands.  So it’s important for me that I am supplementing the nutrients and minerals lost during energy spent practicing and teaching.    

What will we see you doing over the next 12 months?

Over the next 12 months I will be teaching privately and assisting in Mysore practice under Damien and Andrea at Samadi Bali.   I plan to continue my yogic studies and trainings in bodywork and therapies throughout Bali and India.  You can find me surfing on my days off and exploring the beautiful island of Bali and working with IN2URLIFE at their Bali Wellness Retreats.

You can join Quinn on retreat with us in 2018/2019 in Bali!

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