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29 May 2018


Tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

My name is Bec Weeden and I am the founder and owner of IN2URLIFE. I am sincerely passionate about helping people improve their health, mindset and life through reconnecting to their bodies and minds to really understand what they need to live their best life. I have also recently launched corporate wellness programs in Australia. Coming from a background in corporate senior management, I feel drawn to help others achieve better harmony between a successful career and healthy, happy lifestyle.

Was this always your passion?

I have always been a very active person, growing up on a riverside property, my sister and I were always outside doing something whether that be water skiing, riding motorbikes or playing in the bush. As a young teen I played a lot of netball, school sports and can remember always hitting the gym with my mum at a young age, after school and enjoying the relaxing yoga classes they offered there. I guess we were a fairly healthy family, although looking back we definitely grew up in the age where packaged foods were advertised as the smart choice for busy families. It wasn’t until my mid to late 20’s that I really had an urge to follow my passion.

After working a fairly stressful corporate career for almost ten years I felt like something was missing. I was earning a lot of money for my age and had reached a senior management position under 30, yet I still felt like there had to be more. And with all the money I didn’t feel like I really had the time to enjoy it, so what was it all worth? I realised my career drive was me trying to prove my worth in a lot of ways.

It was when living overseas in 2012 in a third world country, Nicaragua, that I realised the missing link was that I was spending most of my time doing a job I hated, surrounded by an industry and people who were not inspiring me or that I felt were not aligned with my values. It was this year that I made the decision to start IN2URLIFE and complete the studies to support my passion in health and wellness.

What has been the lowest point on your journey so far?

Wow a tough question. I feel like there have been so many hurdles on this journey.

Quitting corporate I was faced with a lot of negativity from my boss, as well as some family and friends who told me I was “crazy”. I was also supported by many close to me but when other people question your life decisions it definitely makes you start to doubt yourself.

My health journey has been tough, corporate stress and the pressures put on me were high which led to me getting extremely sick and gaining weight, with little understanding at that stage of why or how, it was tough to navigate. I guess being told by doctors to quit your job or you may face an auto-immune disease was the final straw in my decision to completely change my life direction.

Since starting the business I have faced many more challenges as ANY business owner can attest to however I think all of these make you grow stronger, smarter and learn to let go of those things you cannot control. Running a retreat business is difficult, we face challenges of natural disasters meaning we may have to cancel retreats in order to keep our guests safe (this has happened once hopefully never again) to dealing with suppliers who can be… well not so professional or ethical in what they do. It’s important to have a great support network and I strongly advise whatever it is you’re going through, whether that’s starting your own business, health issues or career pressures, find a support network of people who have been through the same or similar things. Your family and friends can’t always relate to what you’re going through so I have learnt now not to expect them to.

What has been the highest point? And how quickly did one come after the other?

I look back on my career and although you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back to that role I am ridiculously proud of the results my team and I achieved and the amount I learnt during that period.

Although the highest of highs in my corporate career have never come close to the feeling I get post retreat listening to all the video testimonials that people leave us with. It is somewhat overwhelming to hear just how much people gain from their 7 day experience with us. Every single time I listen to these I am overwhelmed by the positive impact my coaches and I have on our guests. This is what drives me to make every retreat better and more valuable.

There is a lot of competition in our industry and many cowboys out there who think they can launch a wellness retreat in 5 minutes, but I know hand on heart that our retreats offer value above and beyond our competitors and our focus will always be on how can we empower our guests to make positive change in their lives. For us it is never about how much money we can make and always about how we can offer more value.

Who is your biggest inspiration for life, health, fashion, fitness, you
name it?

Oh wow I would have to honestly say there is not one person that comes to mind. I draw inspiration from so many people within the wellness industry, lifestyle, fashion and business who drive me to be better and create better. From the super famous to my parter, best friends and family. I feel like everyone I surround myself with inspires me in at least one way and keep me on track to stick to my values.

My biggest inspiration would have to be helping others. This is what truly drives everything I do.

What advice would you give to our readers if you were to offer your top 5 lifestyle tips?

  1. Your mindset is EVERYTHING. This is what will drive your success in all aspects of your life, so work on improving this and LOVING yourself before anything else.
  2. Stress is overlooked as a major reason for ill health. Manage your stress levels and learn to breathe.
  3. Eat to nourish your body NOT for taste. This is a key focus for us in our nutritional workshops, change your mindset and relationship with food.
  4. Move your body every day through activity you love. You don’t need to drag yourself to the gym to stay healthy, active and fit. Get creative, go rock climbing, dance, swim, do yoga, go bushwalking, make playing with your children a workout, climb a tree.
  5. Rest and recovery is SO crucial to good health. Allow yourself down time, ensure you’re getting at least 7-8 hours sleep per night and if you’re not feeling it don’t push and punish yourself. We all need rest days or sometimes even weeks and I think more and more our lifestyles are getting so ridiculously busy we forget that we need this as a fundamental source to nourish our bodies and minds.

What is your favourite motto to live by?

All we have is now.

Something that I try and remind myself daily. I can easily get caught up in overthinking, analysing and planning into the future. I am an over-achiever at heart so always focused on making things better, so sometimes I need to focus on NOW and the things I have achieved rather than always striving for more. It’s also a reminder to be in the moment and to enjoy the time you have. Get off your phone and actually connect with those you spend your time with. If I could ban social media and smart phones I would (even though I am so guilty of using these both for business and personal use, I try and balance this with doing regular digital detoxes).

What does a day in your life look like?

No day looks the same for me. I am not one for routine, a rebel at heart, if I try and schedule myself I just self sabotage it, (this week that self sabotage is going to the gym, I am being really defiant in getting back my gym routine after a little break for health reasons).

I have learnt that I just need to go with the flow of what each day feels and looks like. Sometimes for me it means getting up making a herbal tea and going for a walk other days it means sleeping in until 9…yep truly. Whatever my body needs I give it that.

I love to surf when I get the time, go to the gym when I am feeling relaxed and motivated to go 😉 and absolutely love getting outdoors on the weekends to enjoy a hike, the beach or roll my yoga mat out and spend some time feeling into my body.

I try to eat well and live a balanced lifestyle without restriction. Everyday I am working on IN2URLIFE and growing the brand and our offering, as well as juggling my part-time marketing role working for a children’s charity in Sydney. I always allocate time to cook nutritious meals for my partner and I and am typically in bed by 10pm every night. I rarely watch TV so am useless at conversation around current media trends and trashy reality TV, so my spare time is spent studying or reading up on nutrition, health, tantric yoga or some other holistic therapy I have come across.

What does a day on your plate look like?

A typical day includes waking up and taking either a probiotic, herbal tea or lemon water. I try and start the day with something that will help detox my system (as our bodies have been working all night to restore, repair and detoxify our bodies). I don’t eat on rising unless I am forced to by a schedule.

I usually have my breakfast smoothie around 10am, sometimes 11am depending on what I have going on and this includes some supplements that aid in healing my body including turmeric, cinnamon, greens powder, vegan protein, fresh fruits, nut milk, avocado and maca powder.

I try and drink at least 2L-3L of water per day, sometimes in winter this can be a struggle so I find herbal teas best to keep hydrated.

Lunch is whenever I feel hungry, usually around 1 or 2pm and can be anything from leftovers to a salad, today it was a piece of good quality sourdough with pesto, avocado, tomato and greens…YUM. I try and stick as best I can to a dairy-free, refined sugar-free and a gluten-free diet, just because I know this is what best suits my body and digestion however I am not crazy strict about this.

I usually don’t snack, having grown up with gut and digestive issues I try and give my gut time and space to digest each meal fully before putting it through the next. Dinner, my partner and I struggle with, I’m an early eater I’d love to be having dinner at 5.00pm every night (LOL) and he would love to be eating at 8pm every night so we usually meet somewhere in the middle at around 6.30-7pm and our plates always have protein and lots of veggies, we love veggies so these make up most of our plate and I consciously try to mix up what I buy each week to give us plenty of variety.

It’s all about making sure we are feeding our bodies the nutrients they need but also not restricting ourselves when it comes to those foods we love to have occasionally. I am a sweet tooth at heart so I’m a huge fan of having a treaty ever few days and that can vary from a delicious healthy cake or slice that I make myself to going full blown out and getting a tub of ice-cream. As I said no restrictions is what I have found best suits maintaining a healthy, stable body weight for me. The second I restrict, I crave which leads to binges and an unhealthy relationship with food.

Do you take any supplements to stay healthy, an if so what are they and
why do you take them?

Yes I have a hereditary condition which causes deficiencies in my body, irrespective of how good my diet is, so I must take zinc, magnesium and B12 daily (for the rest of my life), without these I feel lethargic, have brain fog and lack energy among other symptoms.

I also choose to take a really good quality fish oil to ensure my omega 3’s are high, maca for hormonal balance, turmeric to reduce inflammation and enjoy lots of herbal teas which help boost the immune system, detox the liver and support good health.

My advice regarding supplements is avoid the cheap off the shelf brands in chemists and grocery stores, if you are going to look at supplements have your bloods done (at the doctor and try and work with a naturopath or holistic western medicine doctor who has an integrative approach) and find out if you are actually deficient in anything first. A multi-vitamin could be detrimental to your health if you have a condition like me that causes me to be deficient but also high in certain vitamins and minerals. Buy supplements based on what your body needs, don’t just assume a multivitamin will be good for you.

Listen to your body and learn about herbs and teas that will support your immune system and your body naturally detoxify. Also trust your body is your diet is good and you’re living a healthy lifestyle yet you’re still feeling a lack of energy or mood swings etc these are symptoms of the body being deficient in vital nutrients (sometimes those that standard GP tests wont test for), follow your instincts and trust what your body is telling you.

What will we see you doing over the next 12 months?

The next 12 months are exciting. You can find me working part-time at a childrens charity assisting with their marketing campaigns that help drive donations to support childrens programs in hospitals. This is a truly great cause and it’s nice to finally work for a company in corporate land that are doing amazing work that aligns with my values.

Outside of that you will always find me building IN2URLIFE whether its running retreats, corporate wellness programs or developing the 12 week wellness program I have in the pipeline. We have an amazing range of eco-friendly products launching in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled and follow our second instagram account @in2urlife.shop for the launch. I will also be travelling to Europe, Bali, The Maldives and across Australia over the next 12 months.

I would love to see you all at one of our 3 or 7 day retreats, please get in touch for dates and locations and more information.

Be sure to sign up for FREE to become part of the IN2U crew and receive FREE updates with information, recipes and guidance to help you be the absolute best version of YOU. Together lets get back IN2U! xx

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