Overcome Procrastination
10 Apr 2015


I have been suffering a major procrastination speed hump the last week. It made me realise so many of us really struggle with procrastinating in so many areas of our life.

No matter what it is your trying to achieve, meeting a deadline at work, going to the gym, agreeing to that blind date, booking that holiday or washing the car. We have all experienced the paralysing effects of procrastination.

“Procrastination is like masturbation, you’re only screwing yourself.” – Unknown’

I laughed out loud when I read that quote…HOW TRUE! Why do we do it to ourselves? Some days I realise if I spent a quarter of the time doing what I needed to do (rather than thinking or worrying about it) my life would be so much easier and I would have so much more time on my hands.

The crazy thing is we can even procrastinate about things we know we will enjoy and that are good for us. I have implemented 3 simple steps that have helped me immensely overcome this paralysing mind state we get ourselves in.

1. Do I actually want to do this?

We need to check in and confirm first of all is this something I want or need to do?

Sometimes procrastination can be a sign you shouldn’t be doing something for whatever reason, so lets rule this out first. A classic example is a friend has asked you to join her to do something together. Whether it be help her look for a dress or do a 10km hike, you need to decide is it benefiting you and do you really want to be doing it? If the answer is yes move to step 2 if the answer is no and that you’re really just trying to please someone else with no real beneficial outcome for yourself, kindly decline that task and remove it from your to do list immediately!

2. Is it urgent an example I do with work is I decide will it make me money?

If so it’s usually a top priority to do before other tasks or in my personal life I ask when does it need to be done by, what’s the latest? Based on this prioritise it and schedule it in to your diary. Allocating a set date and time and committing to this makes it clear when, with who and how your going to get something done. Leaving things until “later” just means your procrastinating. Get that sh!t done and off your to do list, you will feel so much better for it.  [/vc_column_text]

3. Am I overcomplicating it?

Sometimes tasks can be overwhelming, which is why we procrastinate. Break it down to smaller more achievable tasks. If your wanting to eat clean this week rather than writing a huge shopping list and preparing to cook 2 weeks worth of food, break it down to smaller chunks and maybe focus on just one meal prep and aim to do the next one 2 days later. Don’t over-complicate a task! Anything no matter how large can be broken down into bite-size chunks that you can achieve quickly to get instant satisfaction that your making progress.

If you’re working away on a major project with just the end goal insight, such as losing 5kg. You’re going to get disappointed and frustrated when after one or two weeks of eating really well and exercising you have no results and what I mean by no results is that if all your focused on is losing that 5kg you won’t be happy until you see a certain number on the scale.

That is a fatal mistake we make when attempting to change our bodies. My suggestion to clients is don’t weigh yourself it’s not a true indication of your progress and it is deceiving. Especially for females we can put on anywhere from 1-5kg during our moon cycle and then we almost always adopt the F* THIS attitude and give in to eating bad again.

Instead take measurements, almost always your measurements will show a greater, consistent change in your body and when you start to see cm dropping off week after week you will become more motivated to keep going on your path to a healthier happier you. Measurements also show where you are and are not losing body fat and also where you may be retaining fluid i.e during that time of the month. So whatever you are procrastinating about use the 3 rules above to dig yourself out of the paralysis ditch and get moving and achieving your goals. 

Share what you have been procrastinating and putting off below and commit to us that you will take action with the above 3 simple steps to get moving! I will also offer free health and lifestyle coaching advice in response to any of your questions, to get you started to a healthier, happier you. If you liked this article please share with friends and family.

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