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21 Jun 2016


First of all, what is meal planning? Meal planning is a way to organise all or some of your upcoming meals in a way which makes them ready to eat ahead of time, or have them organised in a way which is quick and easy to prepare the night of.

There are multiple ways to meal plan, and everyone has to set specific, and realistic goals for themselves. Whether your meal planning only 3 days in advance, or a month. There are simple ways to help make this process easy and maybe even some what enjoyable.

Planning a meal and grocery list can be a very challenging task. A lot of times, our diet gets put on the back burner behind everything else we are faced with in life, so we tend to grab whatever is quick, easy and suitable for the moment. But, by setting realistic goals about our body needs, and what will fit our lifestyle best, meal planning can be easily suitable for everyone.

  1. Organisation is the key to success

Start by finding an easy method for organisation. Whether it is a folder, book, phone app, or whatever is easiest to start accumulating healthy recipes that are easy, and realistic for you to prepare. Also, finding a method for storing and organising food is vital for the success of meal preparation. Once your recipes are determined for the week, find the best way to store the meals, that will keep them fresh throughout the week.

  1. Set a goal

What is the purpose of this meal plan? Are there specific goals you are trying to accomplish in order to live a healthy lifestyle? Use these goals to start to begin to plan the recipes for the upcoming week. But, don’t forget to make them realistic to your lifestyle as well. Don’t cut too many calories in a way that could cause decreased energy, and cause resentment toward your plan.

  1. Time Management

Time management is the key to success in all areas of life. Find realistic time to set aside for you to accomplish all grocery shopping, and meal preparation. You don’t want to buy fresh vegetables on Monday, and not cook them until Friday. But, make this time realistic where you have time to make a delicious meal for the week and with minimal stress as possible.

  1. Eat foods you love

If your meal plan includes foods you do not like, or cuts out all of your favourite foods, it will only be a matter of time before your plan fails. Search for recipes which include some of your favourite foods, which will make you look forward to your meals, and not make you want to grab take out instead of eating your delicious meal.

  1. Have fun with it

Grocery shopping and cooking doesn’t always have to be a chore. Cooking and finding new recipes can be an expression of creativity. Try to find recipes that inspire you to accomplish your goals, and are enjoyable for you to do. If you love colour, find recipes which offer lots of beautiful vegetable colours, and enjoy eating your creation.

Meal planning can be an amazing way to help achieve goals, and decrease life stress. Planning meals in advance is also an excellent way to help formulate a plan and stick to it. Although meal planning does require certain organisational, and time management skills. These skills are easy to obtain, and implement into everyones daily or weekly schedules. And, when done right, meal planning and help promote creativity, and overall health to the mind and body.

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