craving chocolate

7 Apr 2015


Have you tried giving up chocolate and it's been a major FAIL? Yes well I can totally relate, I am a major sweet tooth and former chocolate addict. I tried so many times to cut it out completely but it would send me majorly crazy around the stuff, to the point where I would end up binging on an entire block. Does this sound familiar? I have great news...You don't have to give it up!!!
11 Mar 2015

Simple steps to cracking the code to your cravings

In a recent survey I conducted with busy babes just like you, over 80% admitted that cravings were the second biggest hurdle for them when trying to eat a healthier diet. "For years I struggled with cravings, for me they were mostly the 3pm slump and evening dessert treat. I used to beat myself up if i gave in to them, or resist until I would binge on a tub of ice-cream, block of chocolate or whatever else I could get my hands on...sound familiar?"