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23 Mar 2015

Top 5 Food Swaps to Feel Fabulous

Do you struggle with feeling crazy around food when you try and make healthier choices?

I honestly think that the majority of us have the same struggle, its like when someone says don’t look. Of course we look, it’s human instinct. If you bring something to your attention your going to focus on it more. There is no need to deprive ourselves of foods we love just to lose fat fast or make healthier choices when there are so many delicious, healthy replacements we can use that taste even better than the ones we are used to.

With so many food intolerance, allergies and health conscious babes out there, cutting out foods is a very common conversation point amongst all of us. I too have struggled with bad gut health and food intolerances and I will admit for a long time there I did have to cut out certain foods, which did make me crazy at times.

Looking back I really wish my naturopath or doctor had of given me a more comprehensive list of alternative foods to use as replacements but instead they just say cut this out, cut that out like it’s as easy as changing what soap you use…news flash IT ISN’T!

Instead I focused on having enough “willpower” to abstain from things such as bread, cakes, wraps, cereals, pastas and anything with gluten in it including sauces. Lucky for me I was never a huge bread or pasta eater but I still struggled big time and I would still play games with myself and test the waters to see how much I could tolerate.

It never ended well, especially whilst I was attempting to heal my gut. Often intolerances are caused by bad gut health and inflammation so now that I have healed my gut I can sometimes tolerate a small amount here and there and know that my body is healthy enough to process what I call a non-food. A non-food is something that is processed and to our bodies it doesn’t recognise it as a whole food with the nutrients needed for good digestion and nourishment. In day to day life we are surrounded by non-foods and we have grown up thinking that many of these are healthy alternatives.

I used to get frustrated at my body and why I couldn’t process foods that a) I used to and b) everyone else could. This was a very negative mindset I could get in and I realised I wasn’t loving or appreciating my body and why I was having so many problems. Once I changed my mindset and decided to love and listen to what my body was telling me and to look at food differently, everything started to change. I am not saying this is an easy task it has taken me years and I find when surrounded by people that eat these non-foods I start wanting them again.

The difference is now if I choose to have a non-food I am making the choice out of love and knowing that my body can handle a small amount and it won’t make me sick and won’t make me fat. For us girls it’s a huge emotional roller coaster around food sometimes and switching your attitude towards food as something you need to nourish your body rather than something you need to avoid in order not to gain weight or feel sick is an important step in finding a balance that works for you.


1. Soda, Energy or Milk based drinks for Water. OK so I know the first one isn’t a food and I know we get told this so often but it’s still the one main thing I see most people not doing. Often people think they drink a lot of water when in actual fact they don’t. Start taking note of your daily water intake. You should be consuming 36ml for every kilo of body weight, this is a minimum you should add around 500ml if exercising and sweating.

2. Pasta for Zucchini Pasta. Now before you all screw your nose up try it! It really is amazing and I still add all the same ingredients I would to any normal pasta dish e.g still add your bolognese sauce over the top and enjoy as you normally would. Keep an eye out for my upcoming zucchini pasta recipe next week.

3. Bread for Rice Cakes. Yes before you say it these are a processed food as well but if you are struggling to give up bread and are accustomed to having sandwiches and the like everyday especially for packed lunches these can be a great alternative to get you off gluten (if that is necessary for you). The brown rice cakes in the super market are the best choice always read the labels and opt for the healthiest alternative and ideally organic where possible. Breads are often high in sugars and nasty preservatives that just don’t agree with our digestion, rice cakes are a healthier alternative whilst trying to make healthier choices and adjust to change.

4. White Rice for Quinoa. White rice is high in complex carbohydrates which can spike your blood sugar levels. Quinoa has less calories and double the protein, meaning you eat less and stay fuller longer. It is also packed with added fibre and nutrients for easy digestion. It is now available in most supermarkets and all health food shops, try the tricolour version it’s absolutely delicious.

5. Ice-cream for Nice-cream. This is honestly so easy to do and SO GOOD you won’t ever miss ice-cream again. All you need to do is freeze your favourite fruits, grab some healthy nut milk like almond milk, some full fat coconut cream and you are ready to go! My favourite is 1 frozen banana, 1 pinch cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of coconut cream. Whiz in the food processor and serve straight away. Delicious! If you don’t like bananas you can do this with absolutely any fruit and produce a frozen fruit sorbet specialty. Don’t be shy give different recipes a go until you find what you love. On my instagram account I have shared a delicious choc, banana nice-cream recipe go check it out @in2uhealth

With all my food recommendations please try and work out what works for you and your body, some people cannot tolerate different foods and that is normal, if you experiment with new foods always take note with how your digestion, mood and energy levels feel afterwards. If you are struggling with food intolerances or allergies you may want to discuss 1 on 1 coaching so I can assist you with food types, recipes and healing remedies specialised for your body. Always remember change is a process be kind to yourself and your body. Each choice you make to become healthier is a good one no matter how fast the road is that you take.



Share your questions and comments below and let me know how you go with some of my top 5 swaps to feel fabulous. I will also offer free health and lifestyle coaching advice in response to your questions, to get you started to a healthier, happier you. 

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