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10 Sep 2014

Want to know how to create healthy new habits in 2 minutes?

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Each day, week, month and year we set ourselves goals to get things done. What percentage of those do we actually do though?

My sister and I have an annual ritual where on new years eve we write a list of around 5-10 things we want to achieve for the year. They can be anything from learning a new trick wakeboarding (typically on our annual list) to going on an around the world trip. There is no limit to how big or small just 10 things that we want to tick off our list for the next year.

So how it usually works is we write these in my sisters diary and then completely forget we have written the list until one of us remembers on the following new years! We love digging out the list to see what we have achieved the past year…I love it! I always find I have ticked off a couple of small and usually a couple of big goals from my list but next year I want to achieve them all…high achiever yeah thats ME! Always looking for ways to become a better version of me and this has led me to study easy ways to build new habits.

This year I have been focused on ways to successfully create new healthy habits, stop procrastinating and GET SH!T DONE!

Procrastination is a killer and often we procrastinate for longer than it would have taken us to just get it done, whether its doing the washing, catching up with a long lost friend or finding a new job. James Clear (hyperlink his website jamesclear.com) has some amazing tips for how to start small and create new habits. His top tip is to start so small you CANT say NO! When I read Jamesʼ theory behind this it was like a lightbulb moment, so many times we all, what I call catastrophise a situation. I watch my guys at work do it daily, when it comes to tasks we are reluctant to do like exercising or doing your sales reports at work we create scenarios in our heads that catastrophise the task into something thats complicated and difficult, when really if we broke it down into small chunks its really F#$%ING easy! Why do we do this?

This week I want to challenge you all to try the 2 minute rule of Jamesʼ:

1. If it takes less than 2 minutes to do, do it NOW! No excuses and no delays just get on with it!

– Washing dishes as you use them
– Putting clothes away
– Tidying clutter around the house or office – Sending an email
– Calling family/friend

2. When you start a new habit it should always take less than 2 minutes. Jamesʼ theory is that every goal can be started in 2 minutes…skeptical? Yeah so was I, heres how though.

Whether the goal is small or large it can always be started in 2 minutes and once you start youʼre more likely to continue and stick with it longer than expected. Want to eat healthier? Eat one piece of fruit in the morning, it will inspire you to make your next meal healthier.

Want to start exercising? Put your gear on and walk to the letterbox. Want to read a new book? Read the first page. This week I really want you to start focusing on building new healthy habits the easy way, avoiding overwhelm and making it so damn easy you really cant say no!

Remember the 2 minute rule! What are you waiting for? Go make the most of the next 2 minutes!



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  1. Hi,

    Interesting video you’ve shared! I haven’t seen this one yet so I definitely learned a lot.

    Habits…it’s what separates the successes from the failures. As easy as it may sound, changing is definitely no joke! It’s awesome how Bj was able to take the picture and narrow it down to simple steps that doesn’t even take longer than 2 mins! That’s just awesome! I’m definitely down for the 2 min challenge! 🙂

    Great video and post here! Keep it up! Loving your blog!

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